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Great Walk Magazine Feature By David Reid!

Thanks to Great Walks Magazine by Yaffa Publishing for publishing my feature article "The Neverending Bushwalk".

The online version of my feature article in Great Walks Magazine

Featuring many of my photos from the south west of Western Australia including the double page spread with my lovely wife (who made it into a number of photos being my hiking partner) I was chuffed to finally receive a copy. It was a huge honour for me for Yaffa, a major national magazine publisher in Australia, to consider me for a feature in their national magazine. It's ideal, that I happen to have a deep fondness for hiking, photography, and writing, and my wife makes a decent photography subject (and willing). Together we have been hiking on the long distance Bibbulmun Track for years, only just doing bits and pieces at a time, giving the demand of our day jobs. I have to especially thank Great Walks editor Brent McKean for trusting me- and then publishing me- after all I understand my writing style may not be completely linear with most other Great Walks articles, but lets see, maybe they will have me back...

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