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David Spade and One King Street West

Anyone caught that show on TV called 'Rules of Engagement'? You know the one with David Spade and the guy who played "Putty" on Sinfield. Remeber him? He dated Elaine and had the 'Eight Ball' jacket.

Anyway, every once and a while the show cuts to a exterior shot of a tall office tower that is susposidly David Spade's character's workplace. Does it look familiar to anyone?

It might if you live in Toronto. Here is another one of my shots of the same building from nearly the exact same location as the prime time show's shot. I took it in the summer of 2011 not long before I moved back to Australia beacuse it stood out as such a unique building in the busy downtown skyline.


This tower is One King Street West, hotel and residance- a sophicated title for a condominimum this days- however this tower is leaning, metaphorically of course, towards the luxury market. Placed smack dab in the centre of the financial district the narrow tower was completed in 2006 but is actually built up from a base that was built in 1914, and at the time the 12 story Dominion Bank was a skyscraper itself.


I struggled to get a compostion I liked in theses shots but the one at the top I though to be the best. Oddly, it is also the one that is most similar to the image the producers used in 'Rules of Engagement'. I wonder if David Spade has ever seen it?

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